RESURFACE Exfoliating Gel 30ml

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Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically & Clinically Tested
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RESURFACE Exfoliating Gel 30ml



Discover the secret to effortless Beverly Hills beauty with our simple and easy-to-use beauty range. Each product is designed for efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to achieve a flawless look with minimal effort. Just a few steps are all it takes to enhance your natural beauty.


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REJUVOLOGY does not use any synthetic fragrances in its products. Our signature scents are 100% naturally-derived and added for their theraputic properties.

YES. We guarantee absolute saftey for this with our clean and natural formulations.

We have an extensive R&D team that search the globe for the finest quality ingredients available. 

Innovation and quality ingredients are key for us at REJUVOLOGY.

Because REJUVOLOGY is a clean & sophisticated range backed by experts, the results can be experienced very early in the journey of using the range. Our sophisticated formulations are designed for sensitive skin and have a balancing and hydrating effect which is instantly satisfying with ongoing results.

For some products, you may see a difference immediately, as skin gets an at home spa treatment of nutrients and moisture.

For other products, such as the REVIVE Eye Serum -.the repair work is happening at the deeper layers of the skin and results may take 6-8 weeks.

As our skin ages or is exposed to harsh environmental factors it becomes less effective and dull, which is the process of old skin cells shedding. Dead and dehydrated skin cells tend to accumulate on the surface. This causes fine lines, overproduction of oil, congestion, blackheads, dryness and inhibits products absorption.

Our Exfoliating Gel is highly recommended for a safe & effective way to support a healthy skin cell turnover.